She Eats!

Using your cycle to feel and operate at your best!

Women have an unspoken power!

We are here to help you unlock that power! 

She Eats is designed for women like you!

When you sign up for the community YOUR personalized program is designed around YOUR specific cycle!

 We help you know when and what to eat to feel and operate at your best!

Not very many women know that your body utilizes nutrients differently through out the month. As your hormones change so does the way your body burns fuel! That means following one set diet is a set up for disaster and confusion! 

How She Eats Can Help YOU!

She Eats is a comprehensive meal plan designed around YOU!

Set To YOUR Personal Cycle!

With She Eats we value the uniqueness of every women. That's why no meal plan is the same. Your personal meal plan is designed around your cycle!

Never Guess On Diet Again!

She Eats takes the guess work out of your diet! With a plan set for you you will know when and what to eat to feel your best!

Get Rid Of Bloating, Fatigue, & PMS Symptoms!

By knowing what to eat when will help elevate all the symptoms brought on by hormonal fluctuations. Imagine a world with no more cramps, no more breakouts, and no more bloating!

Eat What You LOVE!

Not only do you get to eat more of what you love but we help you know when its the best time to eat those treats!

“I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.

Want more than just a nutrition plan?

She Eats can do that for you too! What you eat through out your cycle isn't the only thing that changes. How your body responds to different forms of exercises change too! Let your team of nutritionists and personal trainers handle the puzzle for you and build you a comprehensive plan so you can accomplish all of your goals and feel your best!

Eat what you love! And Feel great doing so!

She Eats doesn't believe there are any "bad" foods. As with so many things in life its quantity, quality, and timing that matters the most! She Eats helps you know when to have those treats to they make you feel as good as the first bite tasted. 

What Others Say


For years I never understood why no matter what diet I tried I couldn't keep the weight off and I felt so sluggish. Until I found She Eats! They have helped me understand my cycle and what to eat when. My energy is higher than ever, I get less cramps, and my skin has absolutely cleared up! 

Anna Olson

 A woman like you


As an athlete operating at my best is so important to me. She Eats helped me develop a plan that helped me give my body the rest it needed and still make advances in my performance all by understanding when to turn it up and when to slow down and work on accessory movements.  

Emma Stewart 

Volleyball athlete 


Before I found She Eats I thought to lose weight I had to cut calories. I didn't understand how detrimental to my cycle that was. She Eats helped me track my cycle and develop a plan that empowers me to eat, to fuel my body with what it needs so it can be a burning machine. Today I love my weight, I love food, and I love She Eats.

Julie Moore

Every self conscious female from teen to menopause

She Eats Everything!

Join the She Eats community of Women like you who have changed their lives by understanding the super power of their unique cycle!

Katie Markel

Founder and CEO of She Eats. I've been on the same journey as many women feeling lost in yo-yo dieting and feeling like nothing works. After learning how our metabolism change depending on our cycles I was able to balance my hormones, heal my body, and feel better than I ever have. I want to help women love their bodies in everyway and step into their best selves. 

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She Eats!Using your cycle to feel and operate at your best!Women have an

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