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: Perception or awareness of the position and movement of the body.

As we age our proprioception decreases and tracking moving objects around us becomes more difficult. This can make the brain “unsteady” and cause us to lose our balance.
NBalance works to improve proprioception through our integrative techniques.

Neuromuscular Control

: The unconscious trained response of a muscle to a signal regarding dynamic joint stability.

Our brain talks to our muscles and our muscles to our brain. These signals can slow down and get a little messy as we age. But! They can be trained! Our program retrains this pathway, strengthening it, so you feel more confident and in control of your movements.

Lumbopelvic Hip Complex Series!

The first series we are going to cover is The Lumbopelvic Hip Complex!

What the heck is that?

It’s everything comprising your CORE!

It is responsible for the stability of your spine, hip, and legs. It’s the connection point from your upper and lower body! And it is the power house for movement and stability!

First up in the series is the Transverse Abdominis! Or TrA! Your TrA compresses all your guts, wrapping around your entire core! It’s huge! How do we miss training it?!? Probably because no one knows how to activate it! But not anymore! I know you love to laugh so give me a big genuine laugh pulling your belly button to your spine. You feel that? That’s your TrA working!

So why does this matter? Aside from giving you those trenched abs as we move toward summer this is a major stability muscle and a culprit for a lot of low back pain when it is underactive!

A study of 56 participants found a decrease in postural sway from just one training session across 4 of their 6 metrics!

When you brace your TrA you bring stability and a neutral posture to the spine alleviating excessive curvature that may be putting pressure on disks and nerves causing pain.

Learn to control it! Brace it!

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