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  • The NBalance Program

What NBalance Will Do For You!

NBalance’s program integrates proven and effective techniques from multiple disciplines to bring you one superset program that enhances your balance, the way you move, and decreases risk of injury. With preset and custom package options we will work with you to find what is right for you! See the options below and then give us a call!

1-on-1 in person

Our One-on-One programs lets you get dedicated time with a coach to work diligently on corrected movement patterns, retraining the way you move, so you move better, with more confidence, and decrease injury risk!

Hybrid: Online and 1-on-1 in person

We also offer a hybrid option that gives you additional “homework” you can follow along with online on days you are not with your coach. This program option will help enhance your time spent with your coach. This option also allows you to engage with other NBalance members.

Online Only

Through NBalance’s custom platform as an NBalance online client you have access to custom follow along workouts no matter where you live! Every online client automatically gets access to one monthly zoom session with a coach with package options for additional sessions. 

Online starting at $60/month additional sessions vary.


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