What NBalance Will Do For You!

NBalance integrates proven and effective techniques from multiple disciplines. The program reverses the negative effects of aging and improper movement patterns that lead to falls. NBalance brings together aspects of; balance training, strength training, yoga, breath work, targeted stretching, and boxing to create one functional program.


As we age our ability to track objects and respond to the world around us decreases, leading to a decrease in balance. NBalance retrains these processes, restoring the brain’s ability to perceive the world around it.


NBalance teaches you how to properly move and activate your core. This leads to an increase in balance, confidence in movement, decrease in pain, and enhances your independence.

Balance: Maintain your Independence

Maintaining independence is ranked the highest priority among seniors. Decreased balance and function is the leading cause of lose of independence. Improving and maintaining your functional ability will allow you to stay active and independent as long as possible. NBalance will give you all the tools to achieve this! Working with you on your individual needs so you can optimize your quality of life.
This is what NBalance can and will do for you!

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