As we age our ability to track objects and respond to the world around us decreases which leads to a decrease in balance. But it doesn’t have to be that way! NBalance retrains these processes and restore the brain’s ability to perceive the world around it. NBalance teaches you how to properly move and activate your core so you can increase your balance, your confidence in movement, and your independence.

Movement Matters

Imbalances have many causes and many times it comes from learned improper movement patterns and poor posture. So! How you move all day and everyday matters! That is why a key focus of NBalance is to retrain movement patterns leading to an increase in stability and mobility.


Developing stability is key to increased functional mobility, decrease injury risk, decrease fall risk, and maintain your independence.

Eliminate The Cause

Loss of balance can be a result of learned patterns. I don’t want to fix the symptoms I want to eliminate the cause. Through imbalance identification and movement pattern correction we can work together to decrease your injury risk, decrease pain, and decrease fall risk. NBalance will give you the tools to maintain this everyday of your life.

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