Reducing Pain and Increasing Performance through Corrective Fitness and Nutrition.

How N•Balance Started

I founded N•Balance after seeing patients come into a physical therapy clinic who should have never ended up there. All of their injuries were indicative of muscular imbalances and could have been avoided. As I saw more and more of these types of injuries, I began to realize there was something I could do to prevent this. Bringing together my background in fitness and nutrition I began to apply what I learned as a kinesiology student and working with patients in the physical therapy clinic to my own life and helping friends with aches and pains. The results were amazing. Aches and pains began to disappear, strength and endurance increased, and we were able to push further and recover faster.

Move Better • Feel Better • Live Better

While working in the clinic, I noticed that the individuals who recovered the quickest were more fit, but more importantly, had a positive attitude about their recovery. These observations lead me to develop the belief that there isn’t one component to wellness and we can’t ignore any aspect. In order to optimize a person’s life, there needs to be a balance between their physical, nutritional, and mental health. My programs will help you optimize your life by emphasizing proper movements, nutrition, and mindset. My mission is to help you understand how your body is meant to move and feel. We’ll solidify your body control and mind-body connection to ensure that you continue to move and feel better for the rest of your life.

About Me

I am a NASM certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from California State University. In addition, I’m a Marine Corps veteran and lifelong athlete who has always had a passion for helping others. While in the Marines, my fitness level stood out. This landed me in a position to help other Marines struggling with weight or fitness. If a Marine was out of the Marine Corps fitness and body weight standards they came and saw me. Together we designed fitness and nutrition plans that were realistic, successful, and they wanted to stick with.

My Background

After relocating to California, I began training for half marathons. I began running (and winning!) trail races and was invited to compete in an Ultramarathon. Right before the event I suffered a tragic motorcycle accident that effectively ended my running career. Doctors told me I’d never run again, but this answer wasn’t acceptable to me. After overtraining and sustaining more injuries, I began learning about muscle synergies and the importance of balanced nutrition and mindset. I took a step back, assessed my own body, dialed back my training, and addressed my imbalances. 2 years after my accident (and subsequent surgeries) I ran 9 miles. I’m more flexible, stable, mobile, and have less joint pain. I recover faster and train harder. I currently work with Parkinson’s patients in a program called Rock Steady Boxing, and it’s been life-changing for all those involved. In my work with Rock Steady Boxing I’ve seen the importance of bringing together proper movement, nutrition, and mindset. My mission is to bring these core concepts into our work together.

My Vision for N•Balance

This is just the beginning. I vow to forever keep sifting through the science. Absorbing as much as I can, and bringing it to you to optimize your life. I will be attending neurokinetic therapy seminars and holistic health practitioner school to continue to advance my understanding and abilities to best help you in your journey.

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